New Oxygen Refill Station at Leipzig/Halle Airport

BOSA are pleased to announce that we have recently opened an oxygen refill and repair station at Leipzig/Halle airport.

Why Leipzig?

A few facts about the city.....

  • Leipzig is Germany's 10th most populous city with a population of 591,686 as of June 30th 2018.

  • It is located 99 miles southwest of Berlin and is often referred to as ‘The New Berlin’ due to its ‘hip urban culture’ and high standard of living.

  • It is an important economic centre in Germany especially for the automobile industry.

  • BMW and Porsche both have large plants in the north of the city.

  • In 2011 and 2012, DHL transferred the bulk of its European air operations from Brussels Airport to Leipzig/Halle Airport.

  • As well as being a DHL hub, it is also the home base for AeroLogic, which is a joint venture operated by DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo.

Growth in the Freight Industry

Leipzig/Halle airport has seen a major growth in the freight industry, with DHL being the main driver behind the growth. In July, Leipzig airport released a statement saying;

‘more passengers, air freight and flights… concludes the first half of year with a month of growth’.

Now get ready for some facts and figures

  • 1,878,698 passengers passed through Leipzig Halle and Dresden Airports during the first six months of this year which represented a growth of 2.1% over the same period in 2017.

  • The number of aircraft movements rose by 11.1% to a figure of 52,724 take-offs and landings.

  • If we focus on air freight volumes alone, they grew by 12.1% compared to 2017 with the figure for June 2018 coming in at 103, 867 tonnes, 9.8% higher than the amount recorded in June 2017.


Leipzig/Halle is seen as Europe’s fifth largest cargo hub. A statement released by Johanned Jahn, Spokesman for the Board of Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG and Managing Director of Flughafn Leipzig/Halle GmbH said,

‘The significant growth in freight volumes underlines the potential at Leipzig/Halle, which offers ideal conditions for air traffic and logistics companies as a multimodal base at the heart of Europe’.

The airport has direct links to the Trans-European road and railway networks and has plenty of space and capacity for further development. More than 60 cargo airlines regularly use the airport every year as the airport has a 24-hour operating permit for these flights.

Leipzig/Halle is surrounded by several hundred hectares of building land with building rights already existing for some of it. This offers ideal general conditions and long-term planning and investment reliability for air traffic companies and those with links to the world of logistics.

BOSA has been involved previously with several Aircraft Maintenance projects at Leipzig/Halle and the potential for a base there became apparent when it was noted that there were no Oxygen refill or repair capabilities at, or near, the airport. Also, as it is a growing and developing airport the plans for us to expand our capabilities there are vast with the possibility of opening a filter cleaning and overhaul station and potentially get involved with Aircraft Maintenance further down the line.

As Leipzig is an ever-growing hub for both passenger and freight aircraft, we are hoping to build our customer base and extend our reach to the surrounding areas of Germany and beyond. This is a very exciting time for BOSA as we are an ever growing and evolving business and we are looking forward to seeing where this new move will take us.

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