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Oxygen Refill Station at Antalya Airport

The BOSA team have been very busy recently. Not only have we opened an EASA Part 145 Oxygen Refill Station at Leipzig, but we have also opened up another BOSA Oxygen Refilling Station at Antalya Airport in partnership with Prima Aviation.

Who is Prima Aviation?

Prima Aviation is located in Turkey and were established to provide immediate and reliable response to the operational requirements of airlines coming into and out of Turkish Airports.

They meet these requirements in three ways;

1. Repair and Overhaul

Prima helps with the repair and overhaul of wheels and brakes, as well as having the capabilities to inspect, repair and overhaul Galley equipment such as Boilers, Coffee Makers, Ovens, Life Vests and Evacuation Slides.

2. Spares

Prima has access to a considerable number of sources, suppliers, distributors and agenciesand can assist you with locating and purchasing the parts or components you need. They can also help you locate reliable repair sources for your components outside of their work scope.

3. Management Services

"Human Factors in Aviation" is, and shall most likely remain, as one of the most critical issues in aviation. Advancing technology, increased competition in the market, budget restrictions etc can make it even more difficult to handle. Prima works to help make this easier by working with you on your aircraft operations, aviation department budgeting and leadership, market analysis, flight crew hiring, training and placement, aircraft fractional partnership and small aircraft fleet management.

Why Antalya?

A few facts about the City….

  • It is the fifth-most populous city in Turkey with over one million people in its metropolitan area making it the largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean coast.

  • Antalya is Turkeys biggest international sea resort and large development and governmental funding has promoted tourism.

  • In the first 9 months of this year alone, over 11 million tourists have passed through the city which is an increase of 25% from the same period last year.

About Antalya Airport...

  • Antalya Airport is located 13km northeast of the city