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Meet the Team

BOSA is a growing and developing business. In the past year we have gone from 12 to 35 employees ranging from line maintenance and workshop personnel to office staff. We all love what we do and look forward to sharing that passion with you.

Last month we met one of our newest members of the team - Sarah Taylor - who works in our Operations Department and it is about time we introduced you to one of our long serving employees......

Meet Jonathan Rushmer

Jonny will have been part of the BOSA team for 4 years in January having joined the company straight out of high school as an apprentice. Since joining he has completed two apprenticeship courses, after which he joined the company full time. Jonny works alongside Sarah in the Operations Department where he acts as a customer liaison, helps with shipping coordination and quoting of repairs. Jonny is the person on the end of the phone helping you, our wonderful customers, with any queries about your components including cost, estimated time of delivery etc.

Jonny joined BOSA straight out of high school with a basic knowledge of the aviation industry which he learnt from his father, a keen aircraft spotter, but he still had a lot to learn when he joined BOSA.


After leaving high school, Jonny was seeking an opportunity where he got to both learn, and work at the same time whilst earning a salary. BOSA gave him the opportunity to develop and grow both his knowledge and confidence in both the world of business and aviation. He is forever grateful to BOSA for the opportunity and looks forward to seeing where his future career will take him.

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