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Fuel Leak in Sarajevo

From December 31st through to the January 3rd, BOSA sent a team of 3 men to Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina to repair a Right Hand wing fuel leak on an aircraft. The team worked hard, through sub zero temperatures at times, to get the plane repaired and ready to fly again. They completed the job satisfactorily and were preparing to leave but unfortunately were stuck in Sarajevo until the 7th of January due to the weather.

BOSAs Fuel Tank Service is an EASA 145 regulated service. Our team can be on location within hours to source, diagnose and rectify your aircraft fuel system fault or leak. You can find out more about our fuel tank team here - .

BOSA offers a number of other AOG services including Line Maintenance, Structural Repair and Technical Support. To find out more about what services BOSA can offer you, along with how to get in touch please click here.

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