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Aircraft Structural Repairs

BOSA can provide valuable structural recovery services to airline operators. We offer a quick reaction service for clients and customers in need of experienced structural engineers and have proven a valuable asset to operators in need of structural operational recovery.


With the operational ability to prepare and deploy a rapid response team, BOSA can assist with all types of urgent repairs and maintenance no matter how big or small.


Some of our previous AOG repair services include:


  • Lightning Strikes

  • Pylon

  • Corrosion

  • Door Surround

  • Ground Handling Damage

  • Rudder/ Trailing Edge/ Rear Spar Replacement


Although we have extensive experience on the above repairs, we are not limited to these repairs only, and welcome any and all requests for AOG and Routine repairs.


BOSA is a valuable partner to airlines needing critical AOG and routine support  services.


Our 24/7 – 365 AOG Support Number:


T: +44 (0) 161 486 0170 


The above support phone number will provide the customer direct contact with the Duty Operations Team.


They will work with the customer to arrange and coordinate the support required and work to mobilize a team AOG or Routinely.


If you would like to discuss any future AOG or Routine Support Services or provisioning, please contact us.





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